How do I know your masks are really N95’s or KN95’s?

NIOSH CERTIFIED or FDA/EUA and can show certificates.

Additionally we have full time people in factories that control all products shipped. Further verification is done by the fact that invoices from the factory to us are:

  • From Factory
  • FDA or CE registration matches factory name
  • NIOSH matches factory name
  • Payments are made only to Bank account with factory name.

Does your company handle the entire transaction including deliver to our location?

Due to the highly complex shipping needs of especially our largest customers we either:

  • Refer our customers to a Freight Forwarder and Customs agent who handle all the logistics.
  • Deliver to port of preference of customer. FOB Shanghai or Shenzhen for example.

We will be starting a service where we handle all deliveries but this is expected to be in June 2020.

Are you on a government approved supplier list?

Our factories are.

Are your manufacturing sources FDA approved? Can you provide proof?

We have both FDA approved and non-approved manufacturers based on customer requirements. Yes we can provide proof in that as mentioned above – the name on the FDA.gov sites list of approved manufacturers matches FDA registration number and Bank account name.

I need products NOW. Can you help?

This is the most common thing we hear. Yes we can help locate product from time to time but there is no consistency and very hard to determine product is FDA/EUA etc. We strongly suggest that while you look for your immediate needs – by placing orders with us TODAY for your future needs you can be assured of having product flowing based on your estimated demands.

Why does deposit vary so much? 25% to 100% is a wide range!!!

Deposits depend on many factors including credit of the client, terms and if any customization is required. If for example private labeling is requested the merchandise in many cases is no longer sellable.

Are terms available?

We stive to give our customers terms when possible. Again this depends on the clients credit, timing, deposit, scale of the order, actual product, private labeling vs not etc etc.

That said non-US manufacturers at the current time are not extending credit to anyone due to fraud and customers not paying be it due to inability or choice.

Are Letters of Credit acceptable?

In most cases we do accept Letters of credit however we charge an additional 5% for this. Again the specific details of the purchase, product etc will determine acceptability.


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